Our Approach to Projects
Developers of globally applauded documentation ensuring that your project is class leading

WAC support staff has clearly demonstrated that they are proficiently qualified and experienced to undertake the most prestigious and advanced lift and/or escalator projects in South Africa.

We at WAC have reviewed and implemented best practices principles, where our focus is on the growth and development of the knowledge base we employ in-house. Therefore, with this focus, we promote an integrated continuous improvement development of the skills and services through our projects. On each project, our senior consultanting engineers are required to provide insight into their project and share their experiences so that the company is able to identify if there are any shortfalls, and how best to counter these so as to ensure a high level of service and experience is achieved to benefit the project, our client and our team both presently underway and in the future.

In this manner, our market leading documentation which has evolved over many years of project experiences is in our opinion; the most detailed and advanced documentation available in the market. Each project is evaluated and should there be any improvements, we review this and in turn set the process for integration. Our standard of documentation has been reviewed globally and we have been informed that the content is amongst the class leading in the industry.

We have adopted a philosophy, that where possible, Green Equipment is to be specified as a standard on projects. In cases where this was not disclosed on the onset, we endeavour to promote the incorporation of such equipment, with the intention that the developer understands the growing need to save energy in our client’s building / development.

Regardless of whether a building is striving to achieve a green rating, we understand that this can be the case either that of preference, budgetary allowances, practicality, etc.; and therefore, specify green equipment to be tendered on by the lift suppliers as compulsory requirements.

We strive to be innovative and considerate to the requirements of both the client as well as the socio-economic situation the world is faced with in terms of the demands on energy. Therefore, we would like to state that we as responsible professionals, will assist where possible in ensuring that the vertical transportation in the building, is a step forward in a more environmentally sustainable, and user friendly future.

Hence, in terms of our service, we are confident that our clients are benefiting from class leading quality and expertise backed by a globally applauded document.


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